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Self-Exiled... To my Mountain of Pompus Regret

Because, the one I loved, married another.

Pyrrhus, The Pessimistic Buddah
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This is me.  I mean I'm not red, and I don't smoke.... But otherwise you know just like me, but you know.... Different. 

I am a guy, that is 3 decades old, and resides in Kansas City, Mo.

I'm a recovering nerd.  That is to say that at one point in my life, computers where my primary interest, entertainment, life.  So, while I still work in a technology related field, I have a lot more interests now. 

I love live theatre.  Especially when performed at the Graduate Student Level. (Locally UMKC is a good venue)

I am a NAUI and PADI Certified Divemaster.

I own a motorcycles, an Orange Jeep, and a Big-Ass Yellow Truck.

I am a "Burner".

I love to read, and I have a silly weakness for cheap Fantasty/Sci-Fi but I have a wide range of tastes overall.

I have a dog.  She is a Newfoundland/Chow mix.  Her name is Jorjia.

I own an old house, which I am remodeling.  So you probably will see pictures/commentary on that task.

I try to post a lot of visual stimulation, (Pictures) generally of an amusing (if only to me) variety. I try to cut anything that could be considered offensive, and warn on those links that might contain anything worse than fart-jokes.

I am politically an Independent with Leftish Liberal Tendencies.  I am not a supporter of our current president, nor of his crusade in foreign lands.

Oh, I post in this journal for me.  Through the course of this, some people have chosen to read my ramblings, and observations.  I guess, what I am saying is this is pretty much a "No-Stress" journal.  I don't expect people to comment, I don't make a ton of comments in other's journals either.  That should be enough to decide if you want to continue reading about me or not.  If you want to add me to your friends list, please by all means!  No need to notify me, or anything like that, just click that plus sign at the top of this page.  I will warn you that I will probably add you back.

Okay, I brought the TV-Cam back to life...

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